Tai Chi Easy, Level 1

Saturday, July 1110:00—11:30 AMOnline

Tai Chi practitioner and coach, Aisling O'Shea, will guide you through this beautiful and low impact form of martial art and meditation. No equipment necessary; just wear comfortable clothing!

This class will provide an overview of the basic concepts of Tai Chi and Qi Gong, and students will be
guided through a step-by-step instruction in the 5 Tai Chi Easy movements. After learning the upper body movements, the instructor will lead participants in a slow meditative walk, incorporating the upper body movements in a flowing sequence of the 5 Tai Chi Easy movements: 1) Harmonizing Yin and Yang; 2) Brush Knee, Send Chi; 3) Cutting a Path to Clarity; 4) Watching Clouds Pass; and 5) Gathering Chi from Earth and Heaven. These Tai Chi movements may be adapted for standing or sitting. 

During the second part of the Level 1 class, participants will be guided through a series of Qi Gong
movement and breath practices known as “Eight Organ Harmony” and “The Six Qi Method”. There will be an opportunity for a recap and practice of the 5-movement Tai Chi Easy sequence, and time for questions from participants before the end of class.

This program will be held online through Zoom. Register to receive the link to join. By registering once for this class, you will be signed up for all Level 1 classes through August. Questions? Email Corinne at ccoveney@minlib.net

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