Trans Day of Visibility - Trans Folks: Who We Are

Thursday, March 317:00—8:00 PMOnline

Trans people are just as ordinary and extraordinary as everyone else! Join us for a panel discussion, with stories and conversation with a group of fabulous trans people:

Krysta Petrie (she/her) is an engineer, singer, maker, crafter, tinkerer, woodworker, and all-around nerd. She lives in Greater Boston with her wife Katie, dog Porter, cat Steve, and two sugar gliders. She holds several identities: transgender, queer, sapphic, and feminist, among others.

Mateo Emanuel Alejandro Rojas (he/him) is a third grade Jewish Shule Teacher at Boston Worker’s Circle, where he teaches children about social justice and connections to Jewish history and culture. He is also a volunteer survival English teacher at Eastern Service Workers, a suicide prevention speaker, an assisted living community concierge, and an activist for social justice. He enjoys participating in activities at his synagogue and playing with his sweet service dog, Tilly. Mateo holds many identities that have shaped his life and activism: Indigenous, Transgender, Bisexual, Autistic, Disabled, Jewish, and Latino immigrant from Paraguay.

Noah Stang-Osborne (they/he), a speaker, activist, member of LexPride’s Board of Directors, and art therapy student at Lesley University. Noah holds several identities: Black, Crow, disabled, trans, nonbinary, and queer.

Parker Morii-Sciolla (they/them), a speaker, cosplay aficionado, and architecture student at the Illinois Institute of Technology. Parker holds several identities: Japanese-American, Italian-American, and trans (nonbinary, agender).

London La Roux (she/her) is a cosmologist and mental health advocate. London holds several identities, including woman and Black mixed.

The panelists will share their stories and answer questions about their favorite depictions of trans people in books and film, what else the community should know about trans people, and what allyship looks like.

In addition to the library, this event is sponsored by Belmont LGBTQ+ Alliance, Belmont Human Rights Commission, LexPride, and Network for Social Justice.

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