Virtual D&D (YA Games) FULL

Friday, December 27:30—10:00 PMOnline

Open to teens ages 13 and up. This is for experienced D&D players with Level 12 characters continuing from this year's past Super Dungeon, Out of Time.

Out of Time: Epilogues

A white room filled with mirrors has appeared before construction was completed on a new church. Folk in Ritenus are reporting strange sounds coming from their mirrors, as if there is a tinkling of broken glass, but no cracks for glass to come from. Across the multiverse, children are whispering about something new. This is the beginning, they say, of the mostest special thing ever.

This game has elements of eldritch horror and mirror distortions that may not be enjoyable to some players. For a full list of content warnings, email Hannah Lee, YA Services Librarian, at

Capacity: 4 of 4 spaces available.

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